What's So Special

PLNK makes your link useful, especially for marketing, while using only a few characters to conceal a lengthy URL. PLNK lets you simply fit more links and content in less space. If you do not want to bombard your followers with a bunch of links, then PLNK is a great idea for shortening out your interesting links.

How It Works

PLNK stands out differently because it features simplicity. There are really no bells and whistles to initiate the process. In order to shorten a link, simply paste the desired URL and hit the “PLNK IT” button. Your link will immediately pop-up on the screen, which you can share anywhere.

Easy As Pie

Now you do not need in-depth analytics, fancy sharing options, annoying captcha entries or anything that goes beyond easy URL shortening. In addition, once logged in, PLNK keeps your record of shortened links. You can also track the stats for any link under PLNK stats.

Link Marketing Was Never Easy This Befroe !